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Sell with us

We UP-STYLE the Unused, Outdated & Unloved

How to sell with us

Selling with Up-Style Me Boutique is a seamless and rewarding process. We are always eager to expand our selection with new items and garments. Whether you’re looking to declutter your wardrobe or give your items a fresh start, we welcome you to join us in our mission. We are not only open to purchasing your items but are also extremely grateful to accept donations. Let’s work together to bring as much as we can back into resale.

We kindly ask that you ensure your clothes and items are clean when you bring them in for selling or donation. Rest assured that all garments are washed and steamed pressed before being placed in the shop for resale. This commitment to quality ensures that our customers receive the best experience and items when shopping with us.

How it works

Make an Appointment

Schedule a convenient time with Rana to bring in your clothes or items.

Item Selection and Pricing

During your appointment, we will carefully choose the garments or items and agree on a fair price for them.

Quick and Timely Payments

Once we finalize the selection, we will collect your details, and you’ll receive payment within just two days.

As an alternative option, we offer the opportunity to donate your unsold items to Heading Back to School – Pass It Forward, which is a non-profit organization. This way, your garments can continue to make a positive impact by benefiting those in need.

By selling or donating with Up-Style Me, you contribute to a sustainable and community-driven approach, encouraging the circulation of beautiful items while supporting a non-profit organization. Join us in our endeavour to make fashion and homeware more accessible and enjoyable for everyone!